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Art + Design

I care a lot about aesthetics.

Here's a collection of beautiful things + spaces and links to their makers.

Colours Found in Nature #3

Camilla Jane Gittins, 2020 100 x 100 cms Acrylic, spray paint, graphite on canvas @camillajanegittins

Casa de las Estrellas

Incredibly spiritual space for a Waldorf school in Costa Rica, designed by Salagnac Arquitectos (image courtesy of Design Boom)

Bianca Nemlc

I saw this artist's work on 'It's Nice That' and think it's breathtaking. She paints womens' bodies almost as landscapes and I love the graphic style of her work.

Deck Chairs

By Ferm Living, big fan of these and only wish I had a garden/balcony/house in Italian countryside to use them!

Sir Terry Frost

Sir Terry Frost, 1969 Ochre, Red, Blue Oil on canvas

Slovakian Gabled Home

Used bricks in the interiors, by architect Martin Skocek. Love the Calder-like mobile floating in the rafters.

Pleased to Meet You

Famous for her portrait of Michelle Obama, this piece is by Stacey Rozich from 2019. It's watercolour, gouache and acrylic. So striking.

Modular Mountain Refuge

Stunning cabin architecture by design firm Gnocci + Danesi (courtesy of Design Boom)

Bar Pisellino

Bar at NYC's Bar Pisellino. Old country in a new country. Gorgeous. I can almost taste the coffee and bomboloni.


Amsterdam's 119 year old Café Bos got a face lift and it's gorgeous. Design by Studio Modijefsky (Image courtesy of FRAME)

Les Cuistots Migrateurs

Design by Julia Nowodworski in collaboration with Martin Dymensztein and Eugena Ossi. Les Cuistots Migrateurs is a social business that hires refugee chefs to cook their homeland recipes, integrating their heritage in Paris (Image courtesy of FRAME)

Parisian Kitchen

Love this clean but playful design by Fabrizio Casiraghi - custom lacquered cabinetry and minty-green handles paired with old school terracotta tiles. Love it. (Image via Rohini Wahi)

Jardin Émotions

Scupltures by Samual Sacedo at Les Jardins d'Étretat, near Le Havre, France.

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